We still believe that the best place in Paseo is outside, so we keep our rooms simple.

There are  three types of rooms available to suit your budget.
Whether you are a single backpacker, a group of friends, couples
or a small family; you can always find a place to kickback and relax.
Seaside Bungalows - 1,200 pesos

We have two (2) seaside bungalows with two (2) double beds fit for 4 persons.  Each room has a terrace or deck where you can get quite close enough to the splashing tide on a windy day.

* 25 m² for 4 people 
* 2 double beds, air-conditioning, private bathroom/toilet .

​​Standard Sea View Rooms- 1,100 pesos

Twin rooms underneath and around fruit trees with sunshine filtered through their green leaves. These come with a deck to catch a full view of the sea a few meters across your doorstep.

  • 20 m² fit for three (3) people.
  • 1 single bed 1 double bed
  • air-conditioning
  • private bathroom and toilet

Basic Room- 750 pesos

A room at the corner with no airconditioning and bucket shower. 
Nothing fancy just back to basics at a reasonable price.

  • 15 m² for two people 
  • 1 double bed,
  • electric fan
  • a private bathroom/toilet.

Dorm For Backpackers - 300 pesos per bed

Enough space for two (2) travellers.
It should fit your shoestring budget.

  • 15 m² for two people 
  • 2 single beds
  • electric fan
  • shared bathroom and toilet