Rent a motorbike/scooter or a car with driver, take a bus, tricycle or just hike your way to many places in and around town.​Whatever you choose, it's the best opportunity to experience the different places and the people of Bohol.

Hacienda Gervasio Forest Park

Just a couple of kilometers up into the barangay of Cambugason is a reforested habitat which was once a dry and barren clump of hills. One man's vision brought about its renewal and rehabilitation through years of replanting and conservation.  Today, this forest park is home to returning flora and fauna.

A great view of the town's coast and surrounding hills can be captured as you reach the topmost point of the park area. On a good day, you might even see some serpentine eagles soaring the skies.

Hilltop rooms with basic amenities are available for an overnight stay around the trees and undergrowth.  This unique experience must be prebooked.

Kinahugan Falls

Barangay Kabunga-an is some 5 kilometers into Jagna's interior.  A town gifted with well irrigated ricefields, fruit trees and bright smiles; all of which are thankful to a multiple tier waterfall called Kinahugan.

Its cool, crisp waters cascade down alongside moss and fern covered rocks provide a mysterious "lost in the woods" feel as you decide to take a refreshing dip in its waters.

Cave pools of Anda

Two towns to the East and 33 kilometers away is the Municipality of Anda which is home to a system of cave pools where the semi-salted water through an opening under your feet just calls out to you to take a plunge.

Only a bus ride or motorcycle away from Paseo, you can spend your morning here before visiting the public white beach at the center of town.