Paseo Del Mar is in full support of  , a non-profit society formed in 2009 to conduct research on whales and dolphins in the Philippines.

Paseo Del Mar is now the research base of the Balyena volunteer team.   Volunteer season starts from November to June of the following year. Recent efforts include the fisheries  and cetacean survey, educational/awareness outreach and marine life stranding response programmes.  By increasing the knowledge and awareness about our marine wildlife, hopes to increase active participation in promoting conservation  of the local as well as the surrounding communities.

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Cetacean survey in the Bohol Sea
There are 18 species of cetaceans known to occur in the Bohol Sea, including the blue whale. In 2015, we launched the project “In Search of the Big Blue”, which aims to monitor the occurrence of whales and dolphins in the northern Bohol Sea. Surveys are run from May to June along the southern coast of Bohol Island in the Central Visayas region.
Cetacean stranding and monitoring Project
This is a new project based in our office in Bohol. We need volunteers to collate cetacean stranding data in the Philippines, assist in the conduct of stranding response trainings and to respond to stranding reports. Volunteers become a member of a pool of trained responders to cetacean stranding events. If you can only commit to a few hours working from home (for collecting data), or several days (for a stranding response training), or you are willing to jump in anytime when a call for a stranding response is received, this is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you!
Humpback whale survey in the Babuyan Islands
This is a good opportunity to help in the research and conservation of humpback whales and other cetaceans in the Philippines while learning about them. This annual monitoring of the whales is very important in understanding the status of the species and the marine ecosystem of the Babuyan Islands. The data collecte each season is crucial in completing a longterm study of the humpback whales breeding and calving in the Philippines. You will learn and apply new skills and get a chance to meet new friends from different backgrounds and cultures. You will also get the chance to visit a gorgeous island in the northern Philippines and experience all its biodiversity!
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